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Have You Ever Wondered How the Shepard Womack Williams Missionary Circle Got Its Name?

Mrs. Hattie E. Shepard, wife of Pastor August Shepard was the president the Senior Missionary Society. During the 1920’s Mrs. Minerva Womack organized the Grant Street Missionary Circle her neighborhood.  After her death in 1938 the Circle became known as the Minerva Womack Missionary Circle of White Rock Baptist Church. In 1942, the Sylvia Williams Missionary Society was organized in the West End section of Durham.  As each of the three missionary circles dwindled down in membership because of the age and death its members it was decided to combine the circles.  Thus, the name Shepard Womack Williams Missionary Circle of White Rock Baptist Church was born.

The Missionary Circle includes women and men, young and the aged members of our church.  Membership is always open for other church members who are interested and available to do missionary work.  Our meetings are currently held via ZOOM at 1:pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month, excluding June, July, and August when we do not meet. The meetings include time for devotion (Bible reading, prayer, and an inspirational lesson),  an update of our missionary work, including our loving/caring  attention to the sick and shut-in of the Circle, and other expressions of interest and/or concerns by the members. Closure is always with a word of encouragement (departing to serve) and prayer.

We say all glory and honor to God, our Father and Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord to whom we are forever grateful for using us as vessels of honor to do the work of ministry in accordance to His purpose and plan for us. In Jesus Name, amen.

Mentoring Single Mothers Ministry

The Shepard Womack Williams (SWW) Missionary Circle of White Rock Baptist Church is pleased to announce our Mentoring Single Mothers Ministry – “Mommies and Me Care”.  This ministry is open to any mothers in our Church as well as those in the community who would benefit from having a fellow Christian woman as a mentor.

Parenting is too important a responsibility to bear alone.  The Mentoring Single Mothers Ministry will help you prepare in the areas of family, work, community, personally and spiritually.  Mentors give single mothers the confidence they need to confront challenges and come up with their own solutions while learning valuable life skills.

Motherhood is one all-consuming, all-amazing, all-exhausting journey, and we are here to walk with you.  FREE mentoring services are provided by women of faith at White Rock Baptist Church! If you have questions, please contact Jessie Pickett-Williams, coordinator for this ministry.  You can also contact Birdie Midgette, the leader of the SWW Missionary Circle. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us…we are ready to serve you.  Complete the form below if you are interested in applying for “Mommies and Me Care” and someone will contact you.

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