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The Communication and Information Ministry (CIM) handles printing and copying for the church and church ministries: the weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, posters, tickets, bookmarks, church directory, programs and other print output for special events. If your ministry has printing or copying needs, please complete the information on this page and submit your request. You can also download and print the request form below.

Do you have a need for personal copying or printing services (color or black and white) for your family or your club or organization? We have the latest in high-speed printer-copiers for all of your printing needs. Print your business cards, posters, flyers, funeral programs, name tags, letterheads, envelopes, booklets, etc. We offer these services on an as-available basis, at rates that are very competitive with these services from local suppliers. For more information or to request services for your personal use, contact Joyce Blackwell, CIM chairperson, or contact the Church Office for pricing and scheduling.

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Contact Information

Requestor Name
Please enter the email address where you can be contacted concerning this order. An order confirmation will be sent to this email address.

Details of Request

Describe the work to be completed in detail. Please indicate if this request is for reprints of materials we have on file. If not, please describe the materials to be printed or copied and email the documents to cim@whiterockbaptistchurch.org. Or leave materials in the CIM mailbox in the Library, either hardcopy or on a flash drive.
Print Option
Color Option
NOTE: if there are too many pages to staple, sets will be provided in binder clips.
Copies will be made on white paper, unless otherwise indicated. We will try to accommodate special paper color requests where possible.
Depending on the size of the copy/print job, please allow at least 2 days for the work to be completed. We will notify you if we cannot accommodate this request date.