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White Rock Baptist Church has purchased Zoom licenses that are available to all church ministries for use in conducting videoconference meetings. Ministries can use the Zoom platform to host ministry meetings and events to be attended by church members and the community. Please click here to view the schedule for available times to host meetings.

Please remember the following:

Zoom licenses are owned by the church and should only be used for church-related business and events.
In accordance with suggested IT security regulations, host information will be periodically changed.
Host information should only be shared with those who will be responsible for hosting the meeting (i.e., physically logging into Zoom and starting the meeting). All other participants should join the meeting using the attendee links that are provided. Under no circumstance should host information be shared with an individual outside of the White Rock Baptist Church community without the expressed written consent of the Media Support Cluster Director, Joyce Blackwell.

Training: We offer classes on using the features of Zoom on request. Please Click here to contact Tanisa Little for information.

Support/Help: Pastors has asked that all ministries use Zoom for meetings where appropriate during the pandemic. To ensure that you have the best experience possible, every ministry and cluster head has been assigned a tech support person. Three of our members have volunteered to provide this support: Tanisa Little, Jeffrey Johnson, and Eloise Jordan. If you are a ministry leader, please click to see the attached chart for the team member that you have been assigned.

To host a meeting, please complete the sign up form below with the appropriate information. Tanisa Little will receive the form and respond with meeting information, which includes the meeting link, password and meeting number. She will also remind you of your technical support team member and copy him or her on the email.

Contact Tanisa Little at cim@whiterockbaptistchurch.org if you have any questions or concerns.

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