Home 9 Evangelism Ministry

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of
the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you.”
(Matthew 28:19-20).

Our name has changed – we were the Evangelism Ministry – we are now the SOUL PATROL Ministry.  Our mission is the same – just a new name!  Join us for our continued training.  We meet at 10:00 in the Moore/Kennedy Classroom on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.  We need your encouragement and attendance!

All members of White Rock, under the leadership of the Soul Patrol Ministry, are responsible for outreach activities designed to do the work commanded by Jesus to make disciples of all nations by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul says in Romans 1:14, “I am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish.” Likewise we are obligated to every non-Christian to share the Gospel so they can be saved. Someone cared enough to share the truth with us, shouldn’t we do the same for others? If people have not heard and learned the good news of the Gospel, they cannot obey it.

The objective of the Soul Patrol Ministry is to fulfill the Great Commission by sharing the gospel with others, including unsaved family members, friends and neighbors, and the community. We reach out to anyone who is lost and seeking salvation.

Evangelism is accomplished one person at a time. Sharing what we know about Jesus is our “testimony”. The word “testimony” means “a witness.” A witness tells about what he/she has personally seen and heard. Your testimony, your story, is simply what you have heard and seen God do in your own life. This is the most valuable tool at our disposal for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“If you really want to get full enjoyment while working in ministry, then I invite you to be a part of the Soul Patrol Ministry.  Concerned about what you will say to others about Christ? No worries, we will train you. Afterwards, we will go out into the community to tell others about the goodness of Christ. I invite you to email ministry leader Minister Cecil Fields, soulpatrol@whiterockbaptistchurch.org. I guarantee you that your life will not ever be the same again!”