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White Rock is a “friendly” church! The Hospitality Cluster reflects the “hospitality” of the Church through its service to visiting guests, members of the church family, and clergy during all worship services, occasions, special events, and all other fellowship services of the church. We express God’s love, grace and compassion through positive, friendly, kind, courteous and helpful behavior to all who enter the Church at all times.

The Greeters Ministry is responsible for welcoming and providing assistance and service to all individuals who come to the church for worship, including visitors, our Clergy, our church family, and all ministries of the church. We strive to express God’s love, grace and compassion in a sincere heartfelt manner to everyone who enters the Body of Christ in order to help set the tone of the upcoming worship service. We warmly convey to all who enter that they are entering a special time of worship, making them feel valued and appreciated in Christ. We also help to familiarize visitors with the facility and the ministries, directing them to the proper people, classes, such as Sunday School classes, services for children, etc. Fnd out how YOU can become an “Ambassador for the Lord” by Clicking this link to contact Mary Foster, chair of the Greeters Ministry.