Home 9 Mission, Philosophy & Goals

The White Rock Child Development Center is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment which promotes the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development of children.  The CDC fosters the cultural, ethnic, and linguistic background of each child and family. The CDC strives to offer a warm, stable, and healthy environment conducive to each child’s growth, development, and enrichment for families that is commensurate with their needs and interests.  Through the exchange of information, the CDC promotes a relationship and partnership with community businesses and organizations.

The CDC offers a philosophy of learning through play and discovery.  Young children need to have lots of time to play and explore their environment.  Through a balance of scheduled, self-directed and teacher-directed activities, the CDC strives to enrich a child’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development.  The CDC’s primary goal is to provide quality, age-appropriate developmental and cultural opportunities for children and their families in a safe, healthy, and friendly environment.

White Rock Child Development Center’s goals are to:


  1. Provide well-planned play activities as a means of translating experiences into learning.  These play activities are real and relevant to the lives of the children.
  2. Provide choices and opportunities to encourage children to be enthusiastic learners to the degree appropriate to their level of development.
  3. Use positive guidance techniques with regards to behavior.  Staff members will facilitate self-control through modeling, encouraging appropriate behavior, and setting clear limits.
  4. Promote oral language development and communication by modeling good language use through the planning of appropriate literacy activities.
  5. Provide children with frequent and consistent opportunities to succeed, thus enhancing self-esteem.
  6. Develop attitudes of inquiry observation and skills of critical thinking through planned activities.
  7. Promote warm and affectionate relationships among and between children, teachers, and families.  The CDC will maintain close ties between the home, center, and community to build and sustain partnerships.
  8. Promote good family-teacher partnerships through activities, conferences, and sharing and exchanging information.
  9. Promote child health and nutrition with healthy meals, snacks, and sharing helpful information.
  10. Provide opportunities for the development of problem solving, inquiry based learning, and artistic skills.
  11. Provide certified and qualified staff who understand, respect, and appreciate children and are committed to the development of the whole child.  Staff development activities will be promoted and provided regularly.
  12. Develop, implement, and incorporate age-appropriate science, technology, engineering, art, agriculture, and mathematic (STEAM) activities into children’s learning experience.